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Faded parking lot striping can greatly age a property aesthetically, while ineffective or non-compliant parking lot striping can turn into a nightmare for property managers and business owners. Encore Pavement, a full-service concrete and asphalt paving company, headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, has developed a list of reasons to consider investing in new parking lot striping.

The Benefits of New Parking Lot Striping

  • Appearance and Reputation

    According to Josh Clevenger, partner and vice president of Encore Pavement, “Parking lots are one of the first things visitors notice. The color contrast of bright pavement markings is attractive, and the markings also help to communicate that the property is well maintained.”

    A reputable concrete and asphalt paving company in Wichita, like Encore Pavement, will apply new striping over new or existing asphalt and concrete, or a freshly sealcoated parking lot. The combination of a new parking lot surface and professionally applied parking lot striping is eye-catching and ads curb appeal to your property.

  • Functionality and Efficiency

    A professionally planned parking lot maximizes space, allowing for the most vehicles possible, and creates an efficient traffic flow, allowing visitors to enter, park and exit quickly. Once visitors exit their vehicles, they are directed safely by markings and signs that indicate crosswalks, loading zones, pickup areas and more.

    “Encore Pavement striping crews carefully lay out the parking design based on your needs and specifications,” said Clevenger. “Then, the paint is precisely applied with one of the most advanced striping machines on the market.”

  • Safety and ADA Compliance

    It is important that new parking lots are compliant with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to promote safety and to avoid costly fines, potential lawsuits and downtime. Newly constructed or altered parking lots, and some already existing parking lots, must meet regulations related to everything from the number of accessible parking spaces to the design of access aisles and routes to entrances. 

    Trusted Wichita concrete and asphalt paving companies like Encore Pavement are educated and licensed for ADA improvements in our area. By utilizing our expertise in ADA compliance to assess your building accessibility, we will quickly add value to the cost of your project by proactively making recommendations to the property owner or manager to prevent future fines and citations. With the ultimate goal of ensuring a safe and ADA compliant parking lot, your customers with disabilities will greatly appreciate the effort.

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