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It is important that new parking lots are compliant with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to promote safety and to avoid costly fines, potential lawsuits and downtime. Encore Pavement, a full-service concrete and asphalt paving company, headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, has put together some helpful related information for property managers and business owners to review.

  • What Does the ADA Require?

    Title III of the ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disabilities in places of public accommodations, commercial facilities and some private entities. Newly constructed or altered parking lots, and some already existing parking lots, must meet regulations related to:

    • The number of accessible parking spaces.
    • The design of access aisles and routes to entrances.
    • The construction of ramps and sloped areas at accessible entrances.
    • Detectable warnings on pathways.
    • Signs and accessory markings to designate accessible areas.

    If you would like more detailed information, please review the ADA Standards for Accessible Design on the ADA website.

  • How Encore Pavement Can Help

    When it comes time for a new parking lot, a reputable Wichita asphalt paving company like Encore Pavement can help achieve ADA compliance in almost any situation or scenario. We regularly work in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri and Arkansas, so we are familiar with many city, county, and state ADA requirements throughout the Midwest.

    “If you have blueprints or plans available, we will review them against the actual site,” said Andy Waller, partner and CEO of Encore Pavement. “Next, we will review the ADA requirements for your area, which will help determine the design of the parking lot, including parking spaces, aisles, routes, ramps, entrances, pathways, signs, and markings.”

  • Ongoing Maintenance With Encore Pavement

    Partnering with a trusted Wichita asphalt paving company, such as Encore Pavement, for ongoing maintenance will ensure that your property remains safe and accessible for all visitors. We strive to be the long-term partner that property managers and business owners can rely on to expertly maintain their properties and provide the options that make the best sense financially.

    “We want to maximize your ROI for every recommendation we make,” said Waller. “We think like owners and treat every project as if it were our own property.”

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