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Not only is your parking lot the first thing customers see when entering your facility, but when adequately marked, your parking lot helps efficiently direct people and keep all pedestrians safe. In addition to advising pedestrians where to walk and when to yield to traffic, proper markings also notate which areas are most accessible for persons with disabilities. At Encore Pavement, an expert asphalt paving company in Wichita, Kansas, our team is experienced in creating customized plans to keep your parking lot properly marked and easy to navigate. Learn more as we detail some key considerations to remember when restriping your parking lot!

  • When Does Your Parking Lot Need Striping?

    If you are wondering whether your parking lot is due for refreshed striping, examine the overall appearance of your current parking lot markings, paying close attention to any areas that have been worn down by vehicle usage, harsh weather, or excess salting. If these markings appear faded and dull or impair parking lot navigation due to the inability to properly see parking stall divisions and crosswalks, it may be time for new striping services. Once the original striping has faded to about 75% of its original appearance, it is time for your lot to be restriped to ensure continued safety for all visitors and pedestrians! If you are unsure whether it is the right time for your business, our experts at Encore Pavement recommend contacting an experienced asphalt paving company in Wichita to provide a professional recommendation and project estimate.

  • Parking Lot Considerations

    There are several reasons your parking lot may require a redesign or new striping, including necessary updates for compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). While non-compliance with sizing, available spaces, and appropriate coloring may lead to liability issues, it is also against the law. To increase efficiency and maximize your space to ensure that your lot is cost-effective and inviting to all customers and visitors, consider the following factors:

    Follow All ADA Guidelines—Before you start striping your parking lot, you should consider whether your lot needs designated parking spaces for disabled visitors. Regardless of your business’s size, your parking lot must be fully equipped with the proper number of handicapped spaces as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    Learn more about navigating ADA requirements through our recent article!

    Ensure Efficient Traffic Flow—The main priority for customers and visitors of your business is that they can enter, park, and exit your parking lot quickly and safely. Ensuring updated and properly placed parking stalls, handicapped spaces, and crosswalks will help direct traffic effectively and positively impact visitors.

    Maximize Your Space—To maintain the cost-effectiveness of your business, you should aim to accommodate as many cars as possible with your parking lot. You can keep your business cost-effective while maximizing your space by meeting with an experienced asphalt paving company and getting a customized recommendation for layout and striping suggestions.

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