Why Is Crack Sealing Effective in the Winter? | Asphalt Paving Company, Wichita, KS

While there are various ways to ensure your asphalt pavement is protected during the winter, crack sealing is the most effective way to prepare for colder weather and offers many added benefits for your parking lot. Although many business owners are familiar with the idea of crack sealing as a way to prevent water from penetrating asphalt, many are unfamiliar with the seasonal factors that affect when crack sealing should take place. Our team at Encore Pavement, an expert asphalt paving company in Wichita, Kansas, details why crack sealing is an effective practice in the winter and what this means for your business!

  • Why Do Asphalt Cracks Form in Winter?

    Asphalt pavement typically experiences significant deterioration during the winter months due to wet weather and rapid temperature changes. This expansion and contraction occurs as snow and ice continuously melts and freezes, creating the perfect condition for your asphalt to experience cracking. To help prevent this type of damage, it is best to invest in professional crack sealing services during the fall and winter months before temperatures become too cold. Because pavement cracks contract during the summer months, it is best practice to fill your asphalt cracks during the colder seasons when they have significantly expanded and are easier to fill.

  • How Crack Sealing Will Help

    Crack sealing is your business’s first line of defense against pavement damage and deterioration. By sealing your cracks, you will not only prevent problems from spreading, but you will save yourself costly repairs in the future. Crack sealing works to preserve the pavement adjacent to the existing cracks by preserving the integrity of the underlying base. Our team at Encore Pavement, an expert asphalt paving company in Wichita, recommends contacting an experienced paving company to help determine the scope of your project and ensure all cracks are filled and sealed correctly. These professionals will bond together the walls of the crack and put a protective seal in place so that your asphalt can better withstand winter weather conditions like snow and heavy sleet. When your asphalt is sealed, you won’t have to worry about snow penetrating your asphalt and can focus on other aspects of running your business!

  • Contracting With an Expert Paving Company

    If you have noticed cracks in your asphalt this season, we encourage you to contract with an expert paving company in your area to help your business protect against the effects of weather, salts, oils, sunlight, and other substances. Not only is crack sealing a small expense that secures a significant return on investment, but if completed correctly, it will serve as a long-term solution and protect your parking lot for years to come. Contact an expert today to receive a customized project estimate and evaluate which preventative maintenance measures are suitable for your asphalt this season!

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