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If your asphalt isn’t properly prepared, spring rain showers may bring more than just flowers. Don’t worry; if your company has implemented a regular preventative maintenance program, rainfall shouldn’t pose any problems to your asphalt, but if you haven’t put these precautions into place, now is the time! Our team at Encore Pavement, an expert asphalt paving company in Wichita, Kansas, understands the importance of regular maintenance and has detailed how to protect your asphalt from cracks, potholes, and weakening caused by spring rainfall. Learn more below!

  • The Effects of Rainfall

    While light rainfall may seem harmless, it can lead to serious issues with your parking lot, such as cracking, large potholes, depressions, and other damage. If your pavement has already experienced cracking and becomes vulnerable to water erosion, your supportive and structural pavement layers will continue to weaken and eventually erode. It’s no secret that the Midwest is subject to drastic seasonal weather fluctuations, causing standing water to go through a freeze and thaw cycle that leads to the stripping and debonding of your aggregate and binding materials. Once this occurs, your pavement becomes increasingly vulnerable to future damage, and its structural integrity can become compromised if water penetrates the sub-base. If left untreated, your damaged parking lot will become unsafe and unappealing for business visitors.

  • Preventing Asphalt Damage

    Even though spring rainfall can pose an issue to your pavement, there’s no need to worry! Our experts at Encore Pavement, an asphalt paving company in Wichita, have years of experience crafting customized preventative maintenance plans for businesses of all sizes. Some of the most beneficial steps property owners can take to minimize the effects of rain include:

    Sealcoating—One of the most effective ways to protect your asphalt from water penetration is through fresh sealcoating services. During this process, a thin liquid layer is placed over a paved surface to guard against UV rays, rain, snow, and vehicle fluid. Not only will sealcoating prevent initial cracks from forming, but it will also extend the life of your pavement. At Encore Pavement, our team recommends sealcoating your parking lot every three to five years for the best return on your investment!

    Implementing Water Drainage—When constructing your parking lot or driveway, contract with an experienced asphalt paving company to ensure that you are implementing proper water drainage systems. Contractors can help make the most of areas and inlets where water can be directed using slopes and asphalt curbing. Additionally, they can inform you of the benefits of porous pavement for drainage issues.

    Pre-Plan Paving Projects—Avoid potential damage by planning a paving installation for days with acceptable weather conditions. Ensure a few days of clear weather once your asphalt has been installed to allow it ample time to dry and cure properly without precipitation.

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