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It’s no secret that snow, ice, wind, and low temperatures take a physical toll on your parking lot during the winter months. With spring on the horizon, now is the perfect time to give your business a refresh, beginning with your pavement! Follow along as our team at Encore Pavement, an expert concrete company in Wichita, Kansas, takes you through the process of preparing your parking lot for spring. Check out some of our favorite tips below!

  • Clean Your Pavement

    Once all of the winter snow has melted, receding ice may reveal an excess of debris and clutter left over from the fall months. To help make your repair and maintenance process go smoothly, remove any waste from your parking lot and clean it to give yourself a better look at its overall condition. This will allow you to note any damage from snow plows or excessive salting. Additionally, take the time to identify any areas of standing water where the asphalt may have heaved or settled.

  • Repair Cracks and Holes

    Once you have thoroughly cleaned your pavement, examine your parking lot for any substantial cracks that have formed or widened due to harsh winter conditions. Any cracks that measure more than 1/4-inch wide may benefit from crack sealing services. If you are unsure if your pavement is in need of extensive repairs or preventative maintenance, our team at Encore Pavement, a trusted concrete company in Wichita, recommends partnering with an asphalt paving company to assess the overall condition of your lot. They will be able to determine if your lot requires basic preventative maintenance services like sealcoating, crack sealing, and new striping or if you are in need of entire structural repairs such as resurfacing.

  • Correct Lighting Issues

    While longer daylight hours are on the way, it is still important to ensure that you have adequate lighting to help business visitors navigate your parking lot. Verify that all light bulbs are working correctly, and keep in mind that this exterior lighting can significantly contribute to the overall ambiance of your place of business. If you would like to upgrade the aesthetics of your fixtures, take the time to replace all lightbulbs to maintain a uniform appearance.

  • Update Signage

    Finish your spring checklist by evaluating your parking lot signage. Take note of any damage imposed by winter weather conditions and replace any signage that is no longer effective or fully visible. By updating your signage regularly, you will not only continue to better the appearance of your parking lot, but you can ensure this area is safe for pedestrians and property visitors.

  • Rethink Landscaping

    The most overlooked part of any parking lot pavement project is landscaping! Because seasonal climate changes factor into optimal planting times, spring is likely the first opportunity you will have to evaluate your landscaping. Start by pruning and removing dead branches and trimming your overgrown shrubs. If you would like to make more extensive updates, consider planting new trees and vibrant seasonal flowers!

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