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Complaints about concrete cracks, potholes, and even faded or crooked line-markings can be a nightmare for property managers. While concrete offers a durable surface for sidewalks, ADA ramps, parking lots, and many other structures, the long-term effects of weather, traffic, salt, and freeze-thaw cycles will eventually cause visible deterioration. Therefore, it is crucial to perform regular concrete maintenance every three to five years to increase your concrete’s longevity. Encore Pavement, a leading concrete company in Wichita, Kansas, is the long-term partner that property managers and business owners choose to expertly maintain their properties. Check out our suggested maintenance services to best protect your concrete.

  • Concrete Joint Sealing

    Expansion joints are an essential element of concrete construction; without them, sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete structures would have random cracks running in every direction. Remember, there are two types of concrete: concrete that is cracked and concrete that is going to crack. Concrete expansion joints are the widely accepted construction method to control this cracking in a uniform and consistent pattern. Sealing the expansion joints works to prevent moisture from permeating the concrete. When performing this type of maintenance, it is typical to apply a quality self-leveling silicone joint sealant after all the necessary prep work is complete. Not only will this routine maintenance improve the longevity of your concrete, but it will also enhance the appearance. At Encore Pavement, our experienced crews have many quality control procedures in place to ensure elite workmanship and consistency on every project.

  • Concrete Repair

    Harsh weather conditions, improper construction, unsuitable materials, vehicle traffic, chemical reactions to salt, and many other factors can lead to concrete failure. Repairing any damaged areas early on in the deterioration cycle can prevent many larger problems down the road. Deferred maintenance can create a “domino effect” and will lead to much more significant costs. At Encore Pavement, we will perform a professional analysis to determine the most economical repair method for your particular situation.

  • Marking

    For any business, the first thing that customers and visitors notice is the parking lot. A well-marked parking lot not only directs vehicles and increases safety, but it also indicates that the property owner emphasizes maintenance. To promote safety and direct traffic flow, frequently restriping crosswalks, pick-up areas, and loading-zone markings are essential features of regular concrete maintenance. At Encore Pavement, we have the capabilities to restripe a lot or design new markings for a unique project, all while remaining ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. We will proactively make recommendations to the property owner or manager to prevent future fines and citations, and customers with disabilities will greatly appreciate the effort.

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