• Category:Retail
  • Location: Wichita, KS
  • Owner: Target
  • Service(s):Milling, Paving, Patching, Concrete Repairs, Joint Sealing, Striping

Encore Pavement was hired to complete an extensive mill and overlay project at the West Wichita Target, located in New Market Square, in the summer of 2021. After extensive pre-planning to design every aspect of the project and presenting a detailed schedule for the multi-phase project, our crews began replacing the entire 2” asphalt surface. Our team worked efficiently from phase to phase, completing each section turn-key before moving to the next, allowing Target to remain open and fully functional for the entire project duration. In addition to milling and paving, our crews performed all concrete repairs, joint sealing, ADA signage, bollard replacements, and striping in-house and on schedule.

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