• Category:Private Housing Community
  • Location: Wichita, KS
  • Owner: Spiritual Life Center
  • Service(s):Milling, Paving, Patching, Base Stabilization, Concrete Repairs, Striping

When the leadership at the Spiritual Life Center contacted Encore Pavement and asked for parking lot recommendations, our team took the initiative to develop a full detailed scope of work. There were multiple drainage issues, severe deterioration in many areas and an underlying base that was compromised by years of water intrusion. We used a laser to dial in our exact drainage and paving plans and presented our proposal.

Encore Pavement was hired to perform the project, and the end result was a great looking, stable parking lot that will give them many years of service. There were several soft, unstable areas that we discovered throughout the project, and our team was in constant communication with the Spiritual Life Center staff to develop efficient solutions to minimize additional costs as much as possible.

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