• Category:Distribution
  • Location: Wichita, KS
  • Owner: Coleman – Newell Brands
  • Service(s):Mass Grading, Drainage Improvements, Concrete Paving, Striping

Coleman approached our team at Encore Pavement to help design and build a large-scale semi-trailer parking solution for a Midwest distribution facility in Wichita, Kansas. Our in-house team submitted a turn-key project design to address several issues, including limited parking capacity, loose gravel parking surface, drainage issues, lack of organizational traffic flow and parking patterns, and erosion problems. The owner approved the design and quote, and our team laid out a proposed construction timeline.

We performed mass grading of the gravel parking lot, base compaction, multiple drainage and erosion control measures, and installed a new large-scale 8” thick reinforced concrete truck lot using a high-capacity laser screed. Striping was applied to guide semi-trailer parking after the concrete was fully cured. We received very positive feedback from management for our attention to detail, effective pre-planning, efficient concrete paving installation timeline, and thorough and detailed communication throughout the project from start to finish.

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