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There’s nothing more frustrating as a driver than hitting an unexpected pothole; in fact, it may influence your future driving patterns and which businesses you frequent. Let’s face it—potholes aren’t only unsightly, but they can cause significant vehicular damage depending on the size. Don’t get so caught up in running your business that you forget to maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing parking lot for your customers. Find out how to protect your pavement from potholes as our expert asphalt paving contractors in Wichita at Encore Pavement detail everything you need to know. Keep reading to take the first stand in the fight against potholes!


Why Do Potholes Form?

There are multiple contributing factors that can cause potholes to form in your pavement. While most result from precipitation, heavy traffic and high temperatures can also lead to potholes. Most commonly, though, rain seeps into cracks in your pavement, and once the water freezes and thaws repeatedly over time, it widens these cracks into gaps that eventually form potholes. In climates where temperatures don’t reach freezing, water erodes the stone beneath the asphalt to create air gaps, which cause the pavement to sag and eventually collapse.


How To Protect Your Pavement

You’ve already invested significant time and money into your pavement; now it’s time to protect it! To prevent potholes from forming, stay up to date with regular maintenance like filling cracks, sealing joints, and patching damaged areas promptly. Our asphalt paving contractors at Encore Pavement recommend sealcoating your pavement every three years to shield it from the damaging effects of UV rays, water, and chemicals. By regularly sealcoating and addressing minor issues before they escalate, you can prevent water from seeping into the pavement and causing further damage in the future.

The More You Know: An unmaintained surface will likely require an overlay in as little as seven years compared to 15 years or more for a sealcoat-maintained parking area!


Partner With an Experienced Paving Company

Many times, potholes form in the spring months due to fluctuating temperatures becoming more steadily warm. If you notice your pavement is deteriorating or have received customer complaints at your place of business, it’s time to partner with a trusted asphalt paving contractor who can help repair your potholes and restore your pavement. At Encore Pavement, we think like owners and treat every project as our own property, prioritizing quality and customer service. Whether you need help with preventive maintenance or resurfacing, we encourage you to contact our professionals to get started today!

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