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Like everything else, your asphalt pavement has a lifecycle! And that cycle is dependent on a few different factors, from the quality of the initial construction to how well your pavement is maintained. While each paving project is unique, and its maintenance needs will vary, there are five general stages to the asphalt paving lifecycle. Our experts at Encore Pavement, a leading asphalt paving company in Wichita, Kansas, are detailing everything you need to know to extend the life of your pavement. Keep reading to learn more!


Stage 1: Construction

The first step of the pavement lifecycle is perhaps the most obvious—construction. This step includes everything from preparing the site before the asphalt is laid to applying the chosen material and performing initial inspections and testing. During this stage, crews will clear the area, grade the surface, and assess any underlying issues before carefully creating a compact and even surface. Because any issues with the application can lead to premature deterioration, the initial construction phase is crucial in determining your pavement’s lifespan!


Stage 2: Initial Maintenance

After the construction phase, the focus immediately shifts to the maintenance of your pavement. This can help address immediate concerns and help set the foundation for many years of durability. And the first initial maintenance item your asphalt paving company will recommend is sealcoating. You’ve already constructed a beautiful new surface; now it’s time to protect it!

Recommended Maintenance: In the six months to the first year after your pavement has been installed, it is recommended to apply two coats of sealcoat to safeguard against UV rays, water, and other chemicals, all things that will deteriorate your pavement.


Stage 3: Regular Preventive Maintenance

You’re not out of the woods just yet; regular preventive maintenance is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your asphalt pavement. Consistent care helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate, such as detecting cracks, potholes, or any other signs of distress. A timely intervention can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of necessary repairs.

Recommended Maintenance: Some of the most typical preventive maintenance services to expect during this stage include patch repairs, crack sealing, and sealcoating.


Stage 4: Repairs and Rehabilitation

Despite your preventive maintenance measures, wear and tear are inevitable. During the repair phase, you can address smaller areas of damage through patching, whether filling potholes or fixing surface cracks. For more extensive repairs, you may employ milling services to remove the top layer of old asphalt and apply a new layer.


Stage 5: Reconstruction

When repairs are no longer sufficient, or your pavement has outlived its expected lifespan, it’s time for the final stage of the paving lifecycle—reconstruction. During reconstruction, you must remove and replace the entire pavement structure and begin again at phase one. This will help ensure your property has a safe and functional pavement for many years to come!

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