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Does your asphalt parking lot have cracks, potholes, alligatoring or surface raveling? Are the line-markings inadequate or faded? Encore Pavement, an experienced commercial paving contractor in Wichita, Kansas, has put together a suggested parking lot maintenance plan for companies to follow.

  • Repair Damage As Soon As It Appears

    If only surface failures have occurred, asphalt defects may be properly repaired by milling off the top lift of asphalt and placing new asphalt in the area removed. If there is an evident base failure in the asphalt, your Wichita commercial paving contractor should completely remove the area down to the base, re-compact the underlying base material, and install a completely new asphalt patch. Repairing the damage early in the deterioration cycle is key to saving thousands of dollars in the long run. One area left unrepaired can easily double or triple in size over a 12 month period. 

  • Sealcoat to Prevent Damage

    Along with routine inspections and maintenance, sealcoating your asphalt will slow the deterioration process significantly. Sealcoat applied by commercial paving contractors in Wichita protects the asphalt from the effects of weather, salts, oils, sunlight and other substances that can cause pavement failure.

    “To maximize the longevity of your parking lot, we recommend our customers apply a sealcoat approximately 12 months after the initial asphalt installation, and again on a regular basis every 36-48 months,” said Josh Clevenger, partner and vice president of Encore Pavement.

  • Apply New Striping

    The most functional parking lots have carefully planned parking designs, which are usually indicated with yellow or white line-markings. However, if your design needs some modifications, lines have become faded, or the design is not ADA compliant, it is time for new striping applied by an experienced Wichita commercial paving contractor.

    “Encore Pavement striping crews carefully lay out the parking design based on your needs and specifications,” said Clevenger. “Then, the paint is precisely applied with one of the most advanced striping machines on the market.”

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