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Like most things, your parking lot has a life cycle. This life cycle depends on several different physical factors, including how well it was initially constructed, how frequently asphalt maintenance is completed, traffic flow, and harsh weather. Depending on the level of care and preparation your asphalt receives, your parking lot’s service life has the potential to last upwards of 35 years and provide a significant return on your pavement investment. Our experts at Encore Pavement, a leading asphalt and concrete company in Wichita, Kansas, have detailed the average life cycle of asphalt and explained how you can extend your parking lot’s service life!

  • The Pavement Life Cycle

    An asphalt parking lot begins depreciating the day it is first laid down, so it is important to understand the different phases of the pavement life cycle and implement routine maintenance to extend the service life of your parking lot. While different variables, including the routine flow of traffic and harsh weather conditions, affect this ideal maintenance schedule, our team at Encore Pavement, a trusted asphalt and concrete company, recommend implementing the following maintenance stages of the asphalt life cycle:

    • Stage 1 (Years 0-5): During the initial stage of your parking lot’s life cycle, your asphalt is still new, sturdy, and stable, with little to no maintenance required. However, we recommend sealcoating the asphalt 12 months after the initial application for maximum assurance. If you notice small developing cracks or surface discoloration, don’t worry; your asphalt should still be in relatively excellent condition. Hairline cracking in the first five years is completely normal and expected. Remember, there are two types of asphalt: 1.) Asphalt that is cracked. 2.) Asphalt that is going to crack. How you maintain these cracks and keep your pavement sealed will determine the overall life span of your parking lot.
    • Stage 2 (Years 5-7): In the initial preventative maintenance phase, typical maintenance procedures, including initial sealcoating and crack sealing, should be performed on a regular basis to prevent future deterioration and enhance the appearance of your parking lot.
    • Stage 3 (Years 7-15): After ten years of initial use, your parking lot will likely require minor repairs and continued preventative maintenance. Typical maintenance will include patch repairs (less extensive repairs designed to prolong the asphalt life), crack sealing, and additional sealcoating.
    • Stage 4 (Years 15-25): Once your parking lot has a service life of over 15 years, it will begin to require more extensive repairs. Asphalt overlays, extensive patch repairs, and potential resurfacing will likely be necessary.
    • Stage 5 (Years 25-35): At the end of the pavement life cycle, the asphalt is weakened due to heavy use and is often damaged from environmental exposure. A decision must be made on whether to continue with routine maintenance procedures or proceed with a complete removal and asphalt replacement. If you made it to stage five before doing a full replacement, that usually means you did a great job of maintaining your parking lot through its life span.
  • Extending Your Parking Lot Service Life

    Although an asphalt parking lot’s typical life cycle is 25 to 35 years, this life can be extended with early preventative maintenance. Implementing this low-impact maintenance will not only create a longer-lasting, durable parking lot, but it will also prove a more cost-effective solution for the future of your business. Remember, it is never too early to begin preventative maintenance! To help extend the life of your asphalt parking lot, adhere to the following practices:

    • Maintain a clean parking lot, free from debris and spills from gas, oil, or other chemicals, as these can impact the structural integrity of your parking lot and cause added deterioration.
    • Be aware of any forming cracks and contact a paving specialist to seal or repair them before they worsen. Cracks allow moisture to penetrate into the base material, which weakens the overall strength and structural integrity of the parking lot. This will lead to additional cracking, settling, and eventually potholes.
    • Ensure proper parking lot drainage to avoid pooling water.
  • Hiring Professional Paving Services

    “Along with routine inspections and maintenance, sealcoating your asphalt will slow the deterioration process significantly,” said Andy Waller, partner and Chief Executive Officer at Encore Pavement. “For maximum assurance, we recommend our customers apply a sealcoat approximately 12 months after the initial installation, and again on a regular basis every 36-48 months.”

    At Encore Pavement, a trusted asphalt paving and concrete company in Wichita, we specialize in preventative maintenance services such as crack sealing, sealcoating, and asphalt repairs to protect your asphalt from the effects of weather, salts, oils, sunlight, and other substances that can cause pavement failure. Our experts can help maximize the life of your parking lot and keep your asphalt in exceptional condition by providing a professional analysis to determine the most economical repairs for your particular needs.

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