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Serving commercial, industrial and residential customers throughout the Midwest, Encore Pavement is a full-service asphalt paving company. From bid to job completion, we are committed to creating stellar customer experiences.

Encore Pavement Services

Encore Pavement is a trusted partner for our customers who have properties located in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri and Arkansas. Our customers trust Encore Pavement to provide high-quality pavement services for the life of their properties. Learn more about our services or contact us to schedule a complimentary quote from one of our professional estimators.

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Milling and Paving

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From a big-box store mill and overlay to residential driveway installation, to a large industrial refinery road paving project, to re-paving a railroad crossing, to a ground-up new construction commercial project, we can handle just about anything when it comes to asphalt paving. What truly sets us apart, though, is the detailed process we follow that ensures complete customer satisfaction and the optimum end result.

Our Process

  • We set up professional traffic control on your property to keep your customers, employees and tenants safe. All cones, signs and other traffic control will be neatly maintained until the completion of your project.
  • A milling machine removes the surface of your parking lot, loading a fleet of dump trucks to haul the millings off-site.
  • As we mill the surface, a cleaning crew follows closely behind, carefully prepping the area to be overlaid.
  • When the cleaning is finished, a commercial-grade concentrated tack oil is applied to the surface to promote adhesion between the bottom and top layers of asphalt.
  • Our team begins to work the edges meticulously, and a fleet of dump trucks begins backing up to one of our cutting-edge asphalt pavers.
  • As our paver lays down the perfect mat of asphalt, the most critical part of the project is also taking place— compaction. A vibratory roller drives back and forth at the proper pace, the correct roll pattern and at the precise timing.
  • One of our expert striping crews carefully lays out the parking design based on your needs and specifications. Then, the paint is precisely applied with one of the most advanced striping machines on the market.
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Asphalt Repairs

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Does your asphalt have cracks, potholes, alligatoring or surface raveling? Our asphalt paving company will perform a professional analysis to determine the most economical repairs for your particular needs. Our team is dedicated to completing quality repairs and is motivated to exceed the highest expectations.


  • If only a surface failure has occurred, asphalt defects may be properly repaired by milling off the top lift of asphalt and placing new asphalt in the area removed.
  • If there is an evident base failure in the asphalt, we will completely remove the area down to the base, re-compact the underlying base material, and install a completely new asphalt patch.
  • Along with routine inspections and maintenance, sealcoating your asphalt will slow the deterioration process significantly. For maximum assurance, we recommend our customers apply a sealcoat approximately 12 months after the initial installation, and again on a regular basis every 36-48 months.
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Faded parking lot striping can greatly age a property aesthetically, while ineffective or non-compliant parking lot striping can turn into a disaster for property managers and business owners.


  • The color contrast of bright pavement markings is attractive, and the markings also help to communicate that the property is well maintained.
  • A professionally planned parking lot maximizes space, allowing for the most vehicles possible, and creates an efficient traffic flow, allowing visitors to enter, park and exit quickly. Once visitors exit their vehicles, they are directed safely by markings and signs that indicate crosswalks, loading zones, pickup areas and more.
  • By utilizing our expertise in ADA compliance to assess your building accessibility, we will quickly add value to the cost of your project by proactively making recommendations to the property owner or manager to prevent future fines and citations. With the ultimate goal of ensuring a safe and ADA compliant parking lot, your customers with disabilities will greatly appreciate the effort.
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Property Maintenance

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Complaints about asphalt cracks, potholes, and even faded or crooked line-markings can be a nightmare for property managers. Encore Pavement is the long-term partner that property managers and business owners choose to not only expertly maintain their properties but to ensure all related decisions make the best sense financially. Our team will seek to maximize your ROI on every recommendation we make.


  • Parking Lots and Roads
  • Office Buildings and Strip Malls
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Restaurants and Retail Stores
  • Residential Communities
  • Homeowner’s Associations
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Churches and Religious Institutions
  • Airports and Runways
  • Refinery, Pipeline and Railroad
  • Municipalities
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Crack Sealing and Sealcoating

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Encore Pavement specializes in the application of sealcoat to asphalt in order to protect it from the effects of weather, salts, oils, sunlight and other substances that can cause pavement failure.


  • Maintaining asphalt with sealcoating is a small expense that secures nearly a 300 percent increase in asphalt life.
  • An unmaintained surface will likely require an overlay in as little as seven years compared to 15 years or more for a sealcoat-maintained parking area.
  • There are more than 50 different sealcoat products and blends available in the Midwest. Encore Pavement has been testing these products for more than a decade. That testing will continue so we can be sure we are offering the #1 product on the market at all times.
  • Encore Pavement has many quality control procedures in place to ensure that each and every project receives the absolute best and consistent applications.

Why Choose Encore Pavement

  • Quality

    Encore Pavement delivers the quality workmanship that earns long-term partners rather than one-time contracts. We think like owners and treat every project as if it were our own property. Our priority is to provide the utmost quality and highest value to our customers.

  • Customer Service

    Encore Pavement is dedicated to maintaining exceptional customer relationships by completing all work in a timely, professional manner, and by leaving the job site cleaner than when we began the project. Final walk-throughs ensure total customer satisfaction.

  • Experience

    What started more than 15 years ago with little more than a few shovels and a truck has grown to become a regional company that serves a wide range of customers, including the largest big-box retailers and property owners in the country.

Request a Professional Estimate

Contact us at (316) 677-8000 to request a complimentary quote from one of our professional estimators.

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