Employee Spotlight: Josh Clevenger | Concrete Company, Wichita, KS

Josh Clevenger is a partner and the executive vice president at Encore Pavement. He has been with our concrete company in Wichita, Kansas, since 2013. Josh has played an integral role in the growth of Surface Protection Services, LLC (SPS Pavement), now Encore Pavement, since day one. We appreciate his efforts and what he brings to the table every single day!

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    Get to Know Josh

    Josh Clevenger joined SPS Pavement in 2013, eventually becoming an owner. In 2020, the owners formed Encore Pavement and merged the companies into one. Josh now serves as the executive vice president. His role includes estimating, project management, oversight of daily operations and business development. He regularly works with general contractors, national accounts, property managers, and property owners. Get to know Josh through the quick interview below!

In His Words

  • What do you like about working for Encore Pavement?

    As part of the ownership team, I’m very excited about the future at Encore Pavement. Our team is full of the best, putting us in a positive position for future growth. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve as a team in the coming years.

  • What are some of your favorite hobbies and activities?

    I’m very passionate about coaching sports; I began coaching my eldest daughter in soccer, basketball, and softball in 2006. Since then, I’ve continued to coach all four of my children in soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball. I find it rewarding to watch the kids consistently improve and move on to do great things.

  • What is something you like to do in your spare time?

    In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family at the lake, golfing with friends, and watching my children play sports.

  • What will people be surprised to know?

    People will be surprised to know that I own cattle. I grew up working on my grandparents’ farm in Clearwater, Kansas, which instilled in me a foundation of working hard and solving problems. It also taught me how to be an independent thinker, which has benefited me throughout my career.

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