Employee Spotlight: Johanna Collazo | Asphalt Paving Company, Wichita, KS

Johanna Collazo is the integrator at Encore Pavement and plays a pivotal role in the overall structure, organization, culture and growth of the company. She works directly with the Ownership Team to execute their vision and strives every day to professionally ensure a top-notch customer experience with our team, from start to finish. Make no mistake, though, Johanna not only executes her daily tasks at a very high level but is also intricately involved with creating the company vision. She sets the pace around our office and challenges others to keep up.

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    Get to know Johanna

    Johanna’s leadership, elite communication skills and go-getter attitude have been key to the success of our asphalt paving company in Wichita, Kansas, and she has been instrumental in navigating a very turbulent 2020. Get to know Johanna through the quick interview below!

In Her Words

  • Tell us about your role at Encore Pavement.

    My role as an integrator is to execute the business plan and create organizational clarity, uniformity and communication. Ultimately, my mission is to drive results, focus, unity, prioritization and follow-through. I also serve as the voice of reason for the Leadership Team and as the glue that holds everything together.

  • What do you like about working for Encore Pavement?

    I like the company culture and that the owners are conscious of the shadow they cast. They push everyone forward with excitement, inspiration and trust. Encore Pavement cares about their employees on a personal level. It is admirable when a company can run efficiently and professionally, all while creating loyalty from employees and customers.

  • What do you like to do in your spare time?

    I enjoy watching movies with my husband and three boys in the home theater room my husband built for us. I also love to read, drink cocktails and bake. My favorite restaurant for dinner is Redrock Canyon Grill and for breakfast is HomeGrown.

  • What will people be surprised to know?

    People will be surprised to know that I am from Texas, moved to Kansas with the military and never left. Also, my husband and I only have sisters (three for me and seven for him), but we only have our three boys. 

  • How are you involved in the community?

    I am involved with Junior Achievement, a non-profit organization that inspires and prepares young people to succeed.

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