Benefits of Choosing a Career in the Asphalt Paving Industry | Paving Jobs, Wichita, KS

Are you looking for more than just a job, but rather a career? If you are searching for a new career opportunity that requires little experience and offers valuable growth opportunities, we encourage you to consider joining the asphalt paving industry! Our team at Encore Pavement has years of experience providing paving jobs in Wichita, Kansas, and has detailed the many added benefits of pursuing a career in the industry. Learn more about these benefits below!

  • Job Security

    Because asphalt paving is more than a passing fad, there is excellent job security provided to employees within the industry. Today, communities rely on paving more than when it was introduced over 150 years ago, and there will always be a need for new roads, highways, parking lots, and continuous maintenance and repair projects. Sit back, relax, and enjoy knowing your job will be there for years to come!

  • Career Growth Opportunities

    Is career growth important to you? Regardless of which paving company you join, there will be numerous opportunities for career advancement. As time passes and you gain more knowledge about new work areas, you will naturally gain the experience necessary to take on new roles. Not to mention, these roles are not limited to construction activities and can range from engineering to sales and service, including everything in between.

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  • Community Support

    Without the infrastructural groundwork provided by pavement for highways and roads, over 100 million commuters would be unable to travel to work in the United States, resulting in a complete breakdown of the supply chain. This is where we come in! Asphalt work within the construction industry provides a great service to the community and remains essential to business and daily life. By choosing a career in the paving industry, you can take pride in laying the groundwork for your community!

  • Measurable Progress

    In many jobs, it is difficult to measure or observe progress, as it is gradual, oftentimes leading to job dissatisfaction or difficulties understanding the impact you are making. Within the paving industry, your day-to-day achievements are highly visible after leaving the job site, and your progress is easily measurable. Find satisfaction in your work and completed projects by joining the paving industry today!

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