Protect Your Pavement: Understanding Asphalt’s Greatest Enemies

It’s no secret that asphalt paving is one of the most durable, reliable, and affordable types of paving available, but that doesn’t mean it is indestructible. In fact, there are three main enemies that can pose a threat to the condition of your asphalt. Our team at Encore Pavement, an expert asphalt paving contractor in Wichita, Kansas, has decades of experience maintaining properties like yours and has detailed how you can protect your pavement from asphalt’s greatest enemies. Learn more below!

  • Sunlight (UV Rays)

    When thinking about potential causes of pavement damage, you may not have considered how sunlight can age your pavement quickly. Areas consistently exposed to the sun often age faster than pavement covered by parking garages or carports. The extended exposure causes oil to suffer accelerated oxidation, reducing its ability to remain intact. To protect your asphalt from the effects of UV rays, partner with a trusted asphalt paving contractor for regular sealcoating services!

  • Surface Water

    Standing water has been known to wreak havoc on asphalt pavement, which is why most asphalt surfaces are specifically designed to sweep water away from higher traffic areas. While the actual water itself does not dissolve asphalt, the friction of the water flow can cause raveling and eventual erosion. If your pavement isn’t properly maintained, excessive surface water can eventually cause cracks and large potholes. The easiest way to fight damage caused by standing water is to hire a trusted paving company to engineer and design a custom solution for your particular situation.

  • Heavy Trucks and Vehicles

    An unavoidable enemy of asphalt pavement is regular use by heavy trucks and vehicles. Because large vehicles can slowly break down your pavement and increase rutting and deterioration along wheel paths, any areas of high use will experience less durability over time. Don’t let heavy usage significantly decrease the lifespan of your parking lot or roadway, and partner with an expert asphalt paving contractor from the beginning to ensure your pavement load capacity is designed specifically for your business application.

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